Maine State Beekeepers Association


MSBA produces timely and relevant webinars about a wide variety of beekeeping topics, free to members.  Most recordings can be viewed here.

2021 programs:

March 13th –”Queen Bees and Spring Buildup” with Karen Thurlow

April 29th –”All You Ever Wanted To Know About Swarms” with Jen Lund, Maine State Apiarist

May 8th –”Nuc Installation and Spring Splitting Strategies” with Lincoln Sennett, Swan’s Honey

June 25th –”Post-Summer Solstice Nucs for Overwintering in Maine” by Carol Armatis

July 29th –“Beekeeping 360” with Dr. Medhat Nasr

August 12th –”Fall Varroa Mite Management” with State Apiarist Jen Lund

September 15th –”A Fall Beekeeping Smorgasbord” with Karen Thurlow


2020 programs:

February 17th – “EAS Honey Show Primer” with Brutz English

March 26th –“What You Should Be Doing Now:
 Spring Edition” with Jennifer Lund

June 15th –“Making Splits for Overwintering” 
 with Erin Forbes

August 6th –“What You Should Be Doing Now: Summer/Fall Edition” with Jennifer Lund

September 15th –”Tips and Tricks of Honey Harvesting” with Rick Cooper

October 27th –“Winter Bees, Heater Bees and Winter Survival” with Jane Dunstan

See details about all of our webinars here.

Rick Cooper Webinar
Webinar on honey harvesting with Rick Cooper