Maine State Beekeepers Association


MSBA produces timely and relevant webinars about a wide variety of beekeeping topics, available free to members.

2021 programs:

“Queen Bees and Spring Buildup” with Karen Thurlow

2020 programs:

“EAS Honey Show Primer” with Brutz English – February 17th

“What You Should Be Doing Now:
 Spring Edition” with Jennifer Lund – March 26th

“Making Splits for Overwintering” 
 with Erin Forbes – June 15th

“What You Should Be Doing Now: Summer/Fall Edition” with Jennifer Lund – August 6th

“Tips and Tricks of Honey Harvesting” with Rick Cooper – September 15th

“Winter Bees, Heater Bees and Winter Survival” with Jane Dunstan
 – October 27th

See details about all of our 2020 webinars here.

Rick Cooper Webinar
Webinar on honey harvesting with Rick Cooper