Maine State Beekeepers Association

Acquiring some basic but essential skills is critical to becoming a successful beekeeper. “Bee School” will  get you off to a great start. Classes run for varying lengths from January through April, all over the state. They are conducted by local chapters, adult education programs, beekeeping supply businesses and in cooperation with county extension offices. 

These practical courses are a must for beginners, and a great chance for intermediate level beekeepers to update and refresh their skills. In-person learning has many advantages, but due to public health concerns some programs have been switched to online. Either way, acquiring an educational foundation in beekeeping will greatly improve your chances of success! 

Most Bee Schools are over for 2022. If you are a new beekeeper, 
locate a chapter in your area to get help or find a mentor. Most of these clubs also hold open hive demos during the summer months.



Many online courses and YouTube videos are helpful as a supplement to Bee Schools, but they may not be an adequate substitute for local learning. Your beekeeping management must be geared to Maine’s climate conditions.

University of Guelph (Ontario)
Honey Bee Research Centre
“How-To Beekeeping Video Series” a comprehensive library of videos from getting started to more advanced topics.

National Cooperative Extension Resource
First Lessons in Beekeeping: Honey Bee Biology
Basic Beekeeping Techniques

Scientific Beekeeping
First Year Beekeeping is presented by biologist and commercial beekeeper Randy Oliver.

SCBA Bee School