The following in-state suppliers offer queens, packages, and “nucs”.
Nuc purchases usually require a deposit on the nuc box, which is refundable upon return.

MSBA Members

Back Ridge Bee Farm MSBA Member
5-frame nucs and packages
Mary Jo and Shawn Kinney
594 Acadia Highway
Orland, ME 04472
207-479-1584 or 207-930-0099

Backwoods Bee Farm MSBA Member
3 lb. Italian packages
Chris and Vanessa Rogers
Windham, ME
(207) 893-2847

Bear Mountain Apiaries MSBA Member
Overwintered hives for sale
Equipment in excellent condition
Bees will be State Inspected.
Linwood J Swett Jr
86 Mason Road
Turner Maine 04282

Bee Pride MSBA Member
Nucs for sale
Peggy and Brian Pride
Lebanon, ME 04027

Bee Whisperer MSBA Member
Packages and nucs
Peter Cowin
236 Maine Road South
Hampden ME 04444
207 299 6948

Cooper Charolais Farm & Apiary MSBA Member
Packages, nucs, local queens
Mark, Buzz & Paula Cooper
42 Montgomery Road
Windham, Maine 04062
Mark 207-232-5842

The Honey Exchange MSBA Member
Russian Queens.
3 lb packages with marked Russian Hybrid queens, available in late April.
Phil Gaven
494 Stevens Ave.
Portland, ME 04103

Honeycomb Depot MSBA Member
Bees and nucs
Mark & Melinda King
45 Littleton Station Rd
Littleton ME 04730

Maine Bee Company MSBA Member
5-frame northern nucleus colonies (some overwintered)
Mated queens (our queen heritage)
Queen cells available
Jason Peters
29 Charles Lane
Bucksport, Maine 04416
Facebook: Maine Bee Company

Royal Bees and Honey MSBA Member
5-frame nucs and packages
Queens: Italian & Carniolan
Matt Roy
219 Back Nippen Road
Buxton, ME 04093

Spicer Bees MSBA Member
3 lb Italian packages and 5-frame nucs (some are overwintered)
David & Susan Spicer
373 Hunts Meadow Road
Whitefield, ME. 04353

Swan’s HoneyMSBA Member
5-frame nucs, choice of Italian, Carniolan, or mite-resistant queens
Lincoln & Karen Sennett
332 Bessey Ridge Road
Albion, ME 04910


Bob Egan
Carniolan 4-frame nucs
Overwintered in Maine; gentle and productive strain
485 Middle Road
Skowhegan, ME 04976

Tony Bachelder
Carniolan 4-frame nucs, inserted into your equipment
95 Paris Hill Rd.
Buckfield, ME 04220

Maya’s Apiary
5-frame nucs available in spring
Maine-raised queens available mid-summer
Call for pricing
Peter Kucharski
2689 W RiverRd
Sidney, ME

Sparky’s Apiaries
Italian 3 lb packages with Italian queen
David Smith
130 High St
Hope, ME 04847

National Bee Equipment Suppliers


Blue Sky Bee Supply

Dadant & Sons, Inc.

Humble Bee

Kelley Beekeeping

Mann Lake Ltd.

Midnite Bee Supply

The MSBA is grateful to all local business people who provide products and services to the state beekeeping community. We do not endorse products or suppliers. If you would like to be added to this list contact us. Member listings are free.

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