Maine State Beekeepers Association

The Maine Beekeepers Association can help you if you have honeybees that have swarmed.

We do not remove hornets nest, bumble bees, wasps or other stinging insects – just honeybees.

Please be sure to identify your insects before calling or filling out this form. If you are not sure, take a picture and email it to:

not-a-beeOnce you are sure, you can fill in the form below and someone from the team will get back to you very quickly. Filling in the form on this page is the best way to get a prompt response.

Swarm of Honey Bees Maine

As part of their natural reproductive cycle, honeybees will swarm. A swarm is when a queen and a good portion of the worker population of bees leave the hive to find a new home. While a honeybee swarm is relatively harmless, it can be a frightening sight to people. Swarms should not be sprayed with water or disturbed in any other way. It is best to clear the area until a beekeeper arrives to make the removal.

Our beekeepers can also offer guidance on extractions from homes, buildings, and other structures – that is a generally a service where a homeowner will need to engage a professional with carpentry skills for a fee (we can’t always do it but can almost always help you locate the right person).

Please note that exterminators will not kill honeybees and often refer homeowners to find a beekeeper. Conversely, beekeepers are not exterminators and will not remove other insects. Please make sure they are honeybees and thank you for your interest in helping this important pollinator.

Swarm Form

Please fill out this form and the MSBA Swarm Team will get back to you within 4 hours (usually much sooner). We do our very best to help the public with Honey Bee Swarm Removal.