August 21, 2019

A Swiss Bee House: Inside and Out

Photos by Jim Blanchard from his 2009 trip to Cornol, Switzerland, where he happened upon Aheniry Amseutz… … [Read more...]

2011 North American Beekeeping conference and Trade Show

The North American Beekeeping Conference was held in Galveston,Texas, this January 4 – 8th.The conference is generally held the first week of January and the location is always in the South.This conference incorporates a number of beekeeping organizations and is coordinated by the American Beekeeping Federation. This year several other groups were meeting at the conference including the Apiary … [Read more...]

One Beek’s View of the 2010 Maine State Beekeepers Annual Meeting

by Geoff MacLean The University of Southern Maine campus was all a buzz on Saturday October 16th as beekeepers from across Maine swarmed Hannaford Hall the Abromson Center for the second Maine State Beekeepers Association Annual Meeting of 2010 hosted by the York County Beekeepers Association. Last spring, the MSBA Board decided to move the annual meeting from late spring to mid-fall in the … [Read more...]

Eastern Apicultural Society 2010 Conference

This is an article that I think I might have to struggle with.  When I attend an EAS meeting, much of my time is devoted  to teaching in the short course. Then I try to catch up on how  all my friends are doing. The EAS meetings for me are as much  a social event as one of learning. Did I learn things at EAS this  last August? Yep, I believe I did. I learned that the diseases and pests are … [Read more...]

Massachusetts Beekeepers Fall Meeting and Honey Show

by Christy Hemenway Karen Kimball and I attended the Massachusetts Beekeepers Fall Meeting and Honey Show held in Leicester, MA on October 17th. It took three years to get Dr. Marla Spivak all the way from the University of Minnesota to Massachusetts, but the wait was worth it! It was an information-packed day and well worth the minimal drive. Dr. Spivak, known world-wide for her work with … [Read more...]

Pollination – Foraging is the Most Important Task in the Life of the Honey Bee

Foraging is the most important task in the lifetime of the honey bee. As the bee matures, it's duties and responsibilities to the hive change. The foraging is done by the mature bees of more then 3 weeks old. The bees foraging activities such as water gatherers, collecting resin for propolis, nectar and pollen are essential for the survival of the hive. Of these, pollination perhaps arguably, … [Read more...]