August 21, 2019

Honey Bee Trivia

This is a page of interesting honey bee facts and trivia. It relates to how the bee makes for a better world and what responsibilities they have for their own survival. If your not sure of the vocabulary or terminology, see our Bee Glossary. Did You Know.... The honey bee is the State of Maine's Official Insect. The United States has an estimated 211,600 beekeepers. Honeybees represent a … [Read more...]

Reactions to Honey Bee Stings

There seems to be allot of discussion as what a normal reaction is to a honey bee sting, And what is an allergic reaction to a honey bee sting. These are the signs that point out the differences between the two. Symptoms Anaphylaxis Heat Exhaustion Heat Stroke Unusual skin color * * * Variable pulse rate & … [Read more...]

Normal Allergic Reactions to Insect Stings

NORMAL AND ALLERGIC REACTIONS TO INSECT STINGS I.    Normal, non-allergic reactions at the time of the sting Pain, sometimes sharp and piercing b. Burning, or itching burn c. Redness (erythema) around sting site A white area (wheal) immediately surrounding the sting site Swelling (edema) Tenderness to touch II.    Normal, non-allergic reactions hours or days after itching … [Read more...]

Kids Corner – Puzzles and Games

Word puzzles for fun and learning. Try a Maze. Don't get lost Home Sweet Home Maze (PDF) Do The Waggle (PDF) Where's The Swarm? (PDF) Word Jumbles are Fun Too What's in the Hive? (PDF) Products of the Hive (PDF)) Word Mix-Up What's In The Hive (PDF) Hive Products (PDF) Honeybee Problems (PDF) Crossword Puzzle … [Read more...]

Other Bee-Related Websites

List of Commercial Pollinators Prepared by Tony Jadczak, Apiculturist, Maine Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with David E. Yarborough, Extension Blueberry Specialist, The University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Orono, ME  04469. An English site for Beginner Beekeepers All About Honey Exploring Honey Bees The National Honey Board In Drapers Hive, Live The Good Bug … [Read more...]