Monthly Meetings

The York Beekeepers will be meeting on the second Monday of the month, unless otherwise specified.  These meetings generally start out with a short business session, then the guest speaker takes over.  They are very educational, with quality speakers on topics related to honey bees, beekeeping and products of the hive.  We typically have refreshments during a quick break and a fun raffle at the end of the meeting.  These monthly meetings are from the fall months of September through June and presently are held at the Sanford Jr High School Library from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.

Open Hive Sessions

Open Hive Sessions are an educational opportunity to look in a hive to see what is going on.  These sessions a led by an experienced beekeeper where the basics of how to properly work a hive are explained and demonstrated, as well as hive management, swarm prevention, making splits, divides and nucs.  Discussions related to rearing queens, mite detection and disease are also included.  Potential problems are shown when applicable and those situations discussed and resolved.  Feeding and the use of  medications are discussed and demonstrated when possible.  The York Club has its open hive sessions through the months of May through September.  These sessions also relate to the seasonal concerns such as how to care for the hive in the spring as opposed to fall or preparing for winter.  These events are held at the homes of its membership where a pot luck luncheon is had after the opened hives.  It’s a terrific opportunity to visit and talk to other beekeepers as a resource of information.

Beekeeper Education

We offer educational opportunities to local beekeepers via our meetings and workshops.  See more about Bee-Schools below.

New-Beekeeper Mentoring

Some of York’s most experienced beekeepers offer their knowledge and insight to club-members.  If you’re a new beekeeper, or if you’ve been tending hives for years and just want to check with a friend, its great to have someone to turn to.

Resources for Members

We have a Google Group where members can register hive situations and receive help online from other members.  It’s been most helpful to our beginner beekeepers.  Once your a member, your most welcome to join us.

Community Outreach and Education

Our beekeepers love to talk about bees and beekeeping, and the York Beekeepers are available to come talk with your class, school, group or organization if you and yours are at all curious about this fascinating hobby or State Insect.  If you have an up-coming event you’d love for us to participate in, we’d love to be there with our Beekeeping Demonstration pieces.  Help us spread the word about the importance of pollinators and the joys of beekeeping.  We also have members that create displays at the Little Ossipee Fair as well as the Acton Fair.  Members are with these displays to talk about bees in an outreach to the general public.


Sponsored by the York County Extension Service, our school for beginning beekeepers will begin on October 16, 2012.  Consisting of 5 classes to prepare newbees for the big plunge into the world of beekeeping.  The course will give the student a basic understanding of bees and how to establish their first colonies.  It will cover protective gear and beekeeping tools needed to get started, as well as seasonal colony management and integrated pest management.

Classes will be led by group Club President, Richard McLaughlin and Master Beekeeper Larry Peiffer.  Cost is $90 (includes course Text, handouts, notebook & 1 year membership with the York Beekeepers).


Club Contact Person: Larry Peiffer


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