Open Hives

Listed below are the YCBA scheduled open hives for the summer season

The sessions usually start at 10 AM with socializing and we plan to open up the hives at 10.30

In addition to inspecting hives, we also try to talk about what to expect for the upcoming weeks of beekeeping management.


Please bring a pot luck item for about 6 people for a lunch after the hive inspections.

Also please provide your own plates, eating utensils, a lawn chair.


Open hives are a terrific opportunity to talk bees with other people that love bees, so please come




We are sorry that the addresses for each open hive loaction is not listed below, but the open hive sessions are a YCBA member benefit.

We will post the address of the next open hive to the YCBA email group as the date approaches.


Open Hive Schedule
When populated, the open hive schedule will be listed here.

The open hives run from June through September (sometimes in May if the weather permits)

If you are a YCBA member and want to sponsor a hive one of the months, please contact our contact person Larry Peiffer


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