The York County Beekeepers Association is a Local Chapter of the Maine State Beekeepers Association.   We meet once a month to enhance our own abilities and knowledge of honey bees and the products of the hive.  You don’t have to have bees to be a member to attend.  The clubs Regular Meetings are in the months of September through June.  Our meetings are being held in the Jr. High School Library, in Sanford.   We meet on the  2nd  Monday of each month from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.   Through the Summer and Fall months of June, July, August and September, we have Open Hive Sessions followed by pot-luck lunch.  It’s a  great eye-opening, hands-on activity.

We have a large membership with lots of experienced beekeepers that help each other and new beekeepers manage the hives through the season, sometimes a new beekeeper picks up a more experienced beekeeper to confer with as a mentor.

Support is not limited to in-person communication. We also have a email message board on which YCBA members can post news, questions, or calls for assistance.  Other members of the organization are always happy to lend a hand. For less formal communication, we also have a Facebook page.  Both forums are accessible by YCBA members only.

Our dues are  $4.00 for an Individual membership in the York County Chapter.  The dues or new membership can be turned in at a regular meeting or sent to the clubs Membership Director, Andrea Donald.  She can be contacted at:  brownhillfarm@gmail.com

York-Membership-Form (PDF)  PDF

We would also urge you to consider membership in the MSBA.


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