April 19, 2018

May 2012 – The Beekeepers Calendar

Honey Bees Coming in for a Landing

Honey Bees Coming in for a Landing

Inspect the brood pattern at the beginning of dandelion bloom.

Check the queen’s performance, symptoms of brood disease and Varroa.

Reverse brood chambers if bees are in the upper box only.

Apply mite treatments and requeen failing queens if necessary.

Divide and requeen colonies at fruit bloom via multiple frame splits or colony divides to recoup winter loss, increase apiary size and swarm control.

Treat for mites if detected on workers or in drone brood.

Inspect package bee colonies for health and queen condition.

Manipulate frames if necessary to aid in comb construction.

Manage hives for population buildup and swarm prevention.

Continue feeding nucs and package bees until they have drawn out the comb in their brood chambers.

Urban and suburban beekeepers should put out swarm traps prior to May 15th.

This monthly post is adapted from “The Beekeepers Calendar, A Year In The Apiary-Central Maine” by Tony Jadczak, Maine State Apiarist

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