August 21, 2019

June 2015 – The Beekeepers Calendar

Junior Beekeeper

Junior Beekeeper

– Remove mite treatments and antibiotics (see labels).

– Add supers to hives as needed.

– Manage for swarm prevention via equalizing hives, making splits/ nucs or Demaree method.

– This is the time of year to register your bee hives with our state apiarist by June 15th.

– Register for EAS (Eastern Apiculture Society) Conference August 10 – August 14, 2015
University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Highly recommended for any Beekeeper who want to raise their levels of skill and knowledge.




This monthly post is adapted from “The Beekeepers Calendar, A Year In The Apiary-Central Maine” by Tony Jadczak, Maine State Apiarist

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