July 20, 2019

July 2014 – The Beekeepers Calendar

A Junior Beekeeper in Maine

A Junior Beekeeper in Maine

→ Add supers as needed.

→ Remove entrance reducers.

→ Harvest honey at the end of July or when the honey flow slows.

→ Place an empty super on hives that have honey in the 2nd brood chamber or above a queen excluder (inner cover) on hives that have mostly brood in both brood chambers.

→ Colonies with excessive brood and large adult bee populations should be left with a super full of honey at harvest time.

→ Monitor Varroa populations.

→ A mite treatment may be necessary prior to supering for the fall honey flow or in lieu of fall honey production.

→ Did you register your bee hives with our state apiarist like you were supposed to in June?.

→ Register for EAS (Eastern Apiculture Society) Conference
Highly recommended for any Beekeeper who want to raise their levels of skill and knowledge.



This monthly post is adapted from “The Beekeepers Calendar, A Year In The Apiary-Central Maine” by Tony Jadczak, Maine State Apiarist

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