September 23, 2019

February 2015 – The Beekeepers Calendar

Winter in Maine - photo by Overland Apiaries

Winter in Maine – photo by Overland Apiaries

  • Check wintering colonies for honey reserves by hefting the hive.
    Note that the “heft the hive” method works as long as the bees haven’t chimneyed up the center leaving a bunch of (heavy) honey frames on the sides. With the crazy weather so far this fall/winter it might be a good idea to take a peak under the outer cover to see if the bees are looking up at you through the hole in the inner cover even though the hive is “heavy”.
  • Brush off the entrances to assure good ventilation



This monthly post is adapted from “The Beekeepers Calendar, A Year In The Apiary-Central Maine” by Tony Jadczak, Maine State Apiarist

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