June 25, 2018

Why Belong to the MSBA?

by Carol Cottrill

The Maine State Beekeepers Association offers its members a number of benefits. As you know The Bee Line provides updates from our State Apiarist/Bee Inspector and practical “how-to” articles to help you take care of your bees. It also lists upcoming events, local club information, and contact information for MSBA officers and Board members.

Have you used any of the materials from our library? Books and DVDs are available for use by MSBA members at no charge— the requested materials will be mailed to you, and you just return them when you are done. You’ll find a comprehensive list of library holdings, as well as return-mailing information for our volunteer Librarian Carole Armatis (368-4419) on our website.

Our annual meeting, which is now only available to MSBA members, is a chance to hear presentations by some of the people you probably have read about in beekeeping magazines. You have read their articles, now come to see them speak in person—you’ll have a chance to meet them and ask questions. Beekeeping is continually evolving, so keep up with new research and methods by taking advantage of this educational opportunity.

If you have been to a club meeting or a Bee School, you may have taken advantage of another benefit: our list of speakers. Members often do presentations for local clubs, organizations and schools. The Bee Line and the MSBA website list people who are willing to give presentations.

And speaking of the website, have you taken advantage of any of its many resources? Go to mainebeekeepers.org and have a look. You can find information on local chapters, bee schools, cooking with honey and links to lots of bee-related information. Coming soon: a members-only page.

If you are an MSBA member, you are eligible for the Beekeeper of the Year Award presented at the annual meeting. You can also nominate someone you feel has helped you or your club in a special way.

Your dues help finance all these benefits. All in all, a real value Call for Content & Advertisers! for only $15.00 a year.

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