August 22, 2019

Introducing “Voices from the Hive”

Voices from the HiveWelcome to this new feature of The Bee Line, thanks to a suggestion by MSBA member David Israel. David thought it might be interesting to periodically learn about beekeepers from around the state via featured profiles, so it only makes sense to me to make his profile the first.

At the very least, these profiles will prove fun and informative, helping us all appreciate the myriad of perspectives brought together around this mutual beekeeping interest.

As seasoned beekeepers well know, and new beekeepers soon learn, gaining the experience and confidence necessary to keep bees well requires time inside the hive, time reading books, and most importantly, time spent with a network of fellow beekeepers, and ideally, time with a special mentor. At its best, this feature could pave the way for matching mentors with learning beekeepers.

Given the intricacies of beekeeping and the significant impact the beekeeper can have on the well-being of his/her charges, an importand goal of the MSBA is to educate its membership on the art and science of beekeeping, with future resources such as the following:

  • streamlined bee school curricula and bee school teacher training,
  • facilitated study groups for beekeepers preparing for the Master Beekeeper Certification Program, and
  • teaching materials which can be used in less formal, less in-depth presentations/introductions to beekeeping such as are often requested by area schools and groups.

Stay tuned!

Submit the name and contact info (with his/her permission, please) of a beekeeper you would like to see profiled here, or submit your own profile and photographs for consideration to


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