September 23, 2019

Lisa Schluttenhofer, 2010 American Honey Queen, Lands in Maine

Lisa Schluttenhofer, 2010 American Honey Queen

Lisa Schluttenhofer, 2010 American Honey Queen

The American Honey Queen was buzzing with facts while on her visit to Maine September 23 – 27. Lisa Schluttenhofer, from Thorntown, Indiana, is serving as the American Honey Queen. In this role, she
travels around the United States promoting the honey and beekeeping industry.

While many people connect honeybees with the honey they use for their biscuits,
honeybees mean so much more. Honeybees provide the building blocks of our food
supply; these important insects pollinate approximately one-third of everything that we eat.

With this message, Lisa traveled to the Farmington Fair to work with Carol Cottrill and the Western Maine Beekeepers Association. Despite the rainy day, the American Honey Queen spoke to fair-goers about the importance of honeybees that pollinate food like apples, Maine blueberries, cucumbers,
and even the cotton for our clothes! In addition, she reached over 5,000 people through
a WKTJ radio interview and emphasized varieties of local honey.

On September 25, Schluttenhofer headed south to Wells where she participated in the Punkinfiddle Festival. Working with Larry Peiffer, MSBA Vice President, she helped adults and children explore the world inside of the beehive. By pointing out the queen bee in the observation hive and showing beekeeping equipment, she introduced
beekeeping and invited interested festivalgoers to attend the local beekeeping class.

At the Commonground Fair in Unity, Lisa promoted using wholesome and helpful honey in the kitchen. She handed out samples of raspberry, blueberry, clover,
wildflower, cranberry, buckwheat, and creamed honey. The American Honey Queen recommended cooking or baking with darker honey varietals to emphasize the flavor of honey in their dishes; to further promote using honey, she handed out recipes.

Young and old alike were surprised to find the difference in the unique types of honey!

Working with Lincoln Sennett of Swan’s Honey, she provided an introduction to beekeeping across America to over thirty new beekeepers.
During her year as the American Honey Queen, Lisa has traveled to 20 states speaking on behalf of the American Beekeeping Federation. At all events, the junior at Purdue studying Agriculture Communication encourages people to support the United States’ approximately 200,000 beekeepers and to purchase local honey.


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