August 22, 2019

Kenya Top-Bar Hives: We should not be setting “new-bees” up for certain failure

8 Dec 2011/Jan 2012 Thank you, thank you, thank you Anne Frey for your very informative article with your opinion on the Kenya top bar hive (The Bee Line, vol. 29, #5). It is something I have wanted to write about for some time, and I eagerly waited for your article — well done! Now I can share my views along with yours and other documented facts. I too have communicated with Tony Jadczak … [Read more...]

Alternative Beekeeping: Learning beekeeping in person, through clubs and classes and through a strong mentoring network

“Alternative Beekeeping” is increasingly of interest, particularly among new beekeepers. Many are coming to the craft, heeding a call for new caretakers for the bees, understanding that there are forces at work that are causing our honey bee colony numbers to diminish— rapidly. Many of these new beekeepers are understandably looking for a different way to keep their bees—and many are learning … [Read more...]

Gold Star goes to Washington

by Christy Hemenway, Gold Star Honeybees October was a banner month for us here at Gold Star Honeybees! As soon as we got home from the Common Ground Country Fair in September, we started preparing for The Green Festival in Washington, DC. Since we were recently certified by Green America Today as a “Green Business,” we were excited to hit the road with the Gold Star Top Bar Hive kit. And … [Read more...]