August 21, 2019

Inspector’s Comments: Back to the Future

By now, a number of Maine’s beekeepers have had the opportunity to meet and inspect their hives with David Smith. Dave’s service is available due to a coordinated effort by Walt Whitcomb, Commissioner, Maine Department of Agriculture; Caudwell Jackson, Deputy Commissioner; David Lavway, Director, Division of Animal & Plant Health and Senator Russell Black, Wilton. Dave started on June 11th and … [Read more...]

From a Book to Honey Bees: A Teenager’s Journey into Beekeeping

by Sarah A. Gould My journey with bees is one that is different from many of the stories of my fellow beekeepers. For one thing, I began beekeeping at 15 years old. This fact alone differentiates me from many other beekeepers who perhaps have turned this hobby into a side career or retirement hobby. This is not say that there isn’t a strong population of younger beekeepers, but compared to the … [Read more...]

Beginner Teacher Teaching Beginning Beekeepers

Last fall, Megan Gaven casually mentioned that she would like to see Phil and I teach beekeeping. Why? Who knows, but I agreed. It has been said by wiser people than I that to teach a subject, you must truly master it. If that is the criteria, I have no business teaching. But Phil assured me that I didn’t need to know everything about beekeeping to teach beginners, just more than they know. He … [Read more...]

Book Review: The Practical Beekeeper: Beekeeping Naturally [Volumes I, II & III] by Michael Bush

Review by Andrew Dewey  Michael Bush is a queen bee producer living in Nebraska who has for many years answered countless postings on internet forums BeeSource and BeeMaster, as well as the Organic Beekeepers mailing list. His web site ( contains a cornucopia of information about bees and how to work them. And as Bush makes very clear, most of the book’s content can actually be … [Read more...]

Warren D. Small, 34 [1978 – 2012]

Warren D. Small, resident of Livermore, died unexpectedly Tuesday, July 31st at his home. In addition to the MSBA, Warren was a member of the Androscoggin County Beekeepers. He and his daughter Riley loved to go tend to the bees, and Rachel was always the first to greet him when he walked through the door. Messages of condolence may be sent via    … [Read more...]