July 18, 2019

The Honey Exchange Grand Opening

by Jim Frederick, urbanjunglehoneybees.wordpress.com The Honey Exchange held its grand opening on September 10th, when owners and beekeepers Phil and Meghan Gaven welcomed dozens of people into their shop on Stevens Avenue in Portland. The store, located in a bright yellow 1800s house in the historic Deering Center neighborhood, offers a unique blend of beekeeping supplies, honey and … [Read more...]

MSBA Fall 2010 Annual Meeting – Business Session

MSBA Fall 2010 Annual Meeting - Business Session Held at Hannaford Hall in the Abromson Center of the University of Southern Maine in Portland. … [Read more...]

Annual Meeting October 16, 2010

The October annual meeting is around the corner and the York County chapter is organizing an amazing day of beekeeping education. We are very honored to have such world-class beekeepers as our speakers. Medhat Nasr has just returned from speaking in Australia (where varroa are not yet present, but the beekeepers? are preparing fortheir eventual arrival). After our meeting, he will be … [Read more...]