August 22, 2019

Feeding Bees Pollen-Patties in Early Spring

Each winter I closely monitor the condition of my hives throughout the course of the long winter. After each big snow, I make the trek out across pastures to ensure the entrances are clear for my girls. I take advantage of the rare warm days to pop open the hives briefly, adding sugar cakes if a colony is low on stores, and in March I set them up with a pollen patty. I won't breathe a sigh of … [Read more...]

Open-Feeding “Pollen Substitute”

Many years, we have a warm spell after the first frost and the bees can fly, but find nothing in the “field.” In the absence of nectar and pollen, our bees start foraging for alternative sources of carbs and protein. Bees pick up sand, sawdust, birdseed, or maybe even soda in some cans in a recycling bin on a neighbor’s back porch, etc., to bring home to the hive. Pretty soon the neighbor’s back … [Read more...]

Open Feeding Pollen Substitute for Honey Bees

Erin MacGregor-Forbes of Overland Apiaries describes open feeding of honeybees after the flow has shut off for the season. Especially useful in urban areas where you don't want your bees bothering the neighbors. Includes recipe for Open Feeding Pollen Substitute for Honey Bees. … [Read more...]