August 22, 2019

Video for People who have Questions about Plants and Neonicotinoids

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Plant Buyer, Be Wary

by Amy Campbell, Master Gardener There is nothing more fun for me as a gardener than to poke around nurseries in the spring looking for plants! It was gardening that got me into beekeeping because I thought bees would be perfect companion animals in the flowery landscape. Several years later, it is my interest in bees and my learning about some of the problems associated not only with honeybees … [Read more...]

Pollination – Foraging is the Most Important Task in the Life of the Honey Bee

Foraging is the most important task in the lifetime of the honey bee. As the bee matures, it's duties and responsibilities to the hive change. The foraging is done by the mature bees of more then 3 weeks old. The bees foraging activities such as water gatherers, collecting resin for propolis, nectar and pollen are essential for the survival of the hive. Of these, pollination perhaps arguably, … [Read more...]