February 23, 2018

September 2011 – The Beekeepers Calendar

Harvest fall honey crop and remove supers around September 10-20. Extract ripe honey. Partially filled supers should be fed back to the bees above the inner cover. Reduce  entrances, apply brood medications and apply mite treatments after the supers are  removed from hives. Feed heavy (2:1) medicated (Fumagillin) syrup or frames of honey to hives low on honey stores. Prevent hives … [Read more...]

Medication for Honeybees

The Maine State Beekeepers Association does not endorse the use of these products. We provide this information as a courtesy. It is good to know that these medications are all approved to use in the State of Maine.  We specifically don’t list Apistan and Checkmite.  Although these two have been approved for use in Maine, Varroa Mites have shown a resistance to these products in this … [Read more...]