August 21, 2019

Queen Rearing with Marla Spivak

“It’s time to be gentle guys,” intoned Marla Spivak as the 7 members of my group from the class of 30 filed into the darkened lab room. We were about to learn how to graft one-day old larvae under the watchful eyes of Marla and Judy Wu, a PhD candidate studying the effects of neonicotinoids. This was July 7, 2012 the morning of day two of the two-and-a-half day Queen Rearing Short Course … [Read more...]

Massachusetts Beekeepers Fall Meeting and Honey Show

by Christy Hemenway Karen Kimball and I attended the Massachusetts Beekeepers Fall Meeting and Honey Show held in Leicester, MA on October 17th. It took three years to get Dr. Marla Spivak all the way from the University of Minnesota to Massachusetts, but the wait was worth it! It was an information-packed day and well worth the minimal drive. Dr. Spivak, known world-wide for her work with … [Read more...]