August 21, 2019

Guidance: How to Deal with Bears and Bees

from information provided by Judy Camuso, Wildlife Biologist, MDIFW Bears are often hungry in the spring (there is less food available and the females are feeding their young), and spring is when we typically get the most “nuisance” bear complaints. Our primary recommendation to people is pretty basic: remove the food source, so… take down bird feeders, feed pets indoors, keep all trash … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Armstrong, 67

Jeff Armstrong, Cumberland County Beekeepers Association member and Cape Elizabeth beekeeper, passed away June 5, 2012 after a four-year struggle with cancer. Jeff was a true outdoorsman and lover of all things natural. He will be missed. More complete online obituaries can be found at: and … [Read more...]

Care and Feeding of a Beekeeping Mentor

A mentor is a person who can show you their hives, look in your hives, and/or answer questions via email and phone. If you’ve only ever read books, listened to presentations, viewed slides, mucked about on your own, or watched — God forbid — YouTube, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can learn after getting a mentor. The key ingredient needed for learning about bees? Work with bees. That makes … [Read more...]

The Snowbird Beekeeper: Reflections from Florida for 2012

Report from Belgrade, Florida, back in April:  Well, three monthly meetings of the Ridge Chapter of the Florida State Beekeepers Association (FSBA) were all attended with great interest. First was the Holiday potluck meeting where I met everyone with a gift exchange and lots of conversation. These Florida beekeepers are just like Maine beekeepers — friendly, sociable and full of ideas and … [Read more...]

New Agritourism Law Protects Maine Beekeepers

In April, the Governor of Maine signed a new law that protects beekeepers, farmers and others in Maine’s agritourism industry from liability. H.P. 1214 - L.D. 1605 - PUBLIC Law Chapter 609    ("An Act To Promote Agricultural Activity in Maine by Limiting the Liability for Agritourism Activities") provides this limited protection for landowners as long as they post signs stating that visitors … [Read more...]