August 23, 2019

Voices from the Hive – David Israel

Brunswick [Cumberland County] Beekeeper Since: Whole life, kinda...see below Hives: 4 rural hives & 2 growing suburban nucs Day Job: Communications at Bowdoin Beginnings: My father was a beekeeper, so I have always been around bees. We even had an observation hive in the dining room growing up. It was only a couple of years ago that I got my own — when my father-in-law’s CSA farm … [Read more...]

Introducing “Voices from the Hive”

Welcome to this new feature of The Bee Line, thanks to a suggestion by MSBA member David Israel. David thought it might be interesting to periodically learn about beekeepers from around the state via featured profiles, so it only makes sense to me to make his profile the first. At the very least, these profiles will prove fun and informative, helping us all appreciate the myriad of perspectives … [Read more...]