August 22, 2019

Getting Started with Beekeeping

Join your local Bee Club Go to "Bee School" (be sure to as at your local bee club who the best instructors for your style of beekeeping will be) Find a mentor Order bees Order equipment Have fun     … [Read more...]

Alternative Beekeeping: Learning beekeeping in person, through clubs and classes and through a strong mentoring network

“Alternative Beekeeping” is increasingly of interest, particularly among new beekeepers. Many are coming to the craft, heeding a call for new caretakers for the bees, understanding that there are forces at work that are causing our honey bee colony numbers to diminish— rapidly. Many of these new beekeepers are understandably looking for a different way to keep their bees—and many are learning … [Read more...]

Erin MacGregor-Forbes of Overland Apiaries on Bill Green’s Maine

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