August 21, 2019

Beekeeper’s Calendar: August

The colony is now just past its peak population and starting to raise brood destined to become winter bees. As the population decreases, it is important to keep an eye on mite levels which will continue increasing. Sample colonies using a sugar roll or alcohol wash and if threshold is exceeded, apply mite treatments. Make sure to follow the label instructions if you have honey supers on the … [Read more...]

The Beekeeper’s Calendar: March

Most queens will be laying eggs by the end of March. There will be very little natural forage available so monitoring food reserves is critical. It is not uncommon for a hive to make it through the hardest part of winter only to starve in March. If honey reserves are low, feed candy or dry sugar. Colonies that consume feed should be monitored carefully and fed as needed. Feed pollen … [Read more...]

Beekeeper’s Calendar: February

Bees will spend most of the month in a tight cluster. When the weather is above 40°F they will move to new areas of the hive and take cleansing flights. Late in the month, some queens may start to lay eggs. As a result, food will be consumed faster. Check wintering colonies for honey reserves by hefting the hive to feel the “honey weight”.  On warm sunny days (above 40F without wind) you can … [Read more...]