November 28, 2014

Beginner Teacher Teaching Beginning Beekeepers

Peter Richardson, Phil Gaven, and Ian Munger representing Maine at EAS

Last fall, Megan Gaven casually mentioned that she would like to see Phil and I teach beekeeping. Why? Who knows, but I agreed. It has been said by wiser people than I that to teach a subject, you must truly master it. If that is the criteria, I have no business teaching. But Phil assured me that I didn’t need to know everything about beekeeping to teach beginners, just more than they know. He … [Read more...]

Kids in Beekeeping

Beekeeping Kids

Jack and his Dad took a short class from Master Beekeeper, Rick Cooper.  Jack then got everything he needed to become a beekeeper as a  present. The following pictures are of Jack and his brother, Brad, checking Jack's new hive. Thank you Jack and Brad, for sharing your  pictures with us. … [Read more...]