August 22, 2019

AFB Sighted in South Portland, Near the Cape Elizabeth Town Line

UPDATE: June 13, 2012: Confirmed AFB on Chestnut Street in Westbrook. Please be vigilant! American Foul Brood (AFB) has been sighted in South Portland, near the Cape Elizabeth Town Line. Article from with more details: Bees Under Attack Also, according to the Cumberland County Beekeepers,  "a wild hive has lived in the barn at Jordan's Farm (on Wells Road) in Cape … [Read more...]

When Disaster Strikes

In late winter, beekeepers often find themselves thinking about their bees. Apprehension is most common when the previous fall had dismal honey production and when houses creak and snap on bone-chilling nights during January and February. Unfortunately, there isn’t much northern beekeepers can do during the dead of winter. At best, newspaper can be added on top of fiberboards of live hives that … [Read more...]

2010 Apiary Program Summary

In 2010, 621 Maine beekeepers registered 6,975 hives. The registration numbers reflect an increase of approximately 150 hobby beekeepers since 2008. There are more than 1,000 beekeepers with 8,000+ hives estimated in Maine. The estimate is based upon the number of beekeepers who attend beekeeping workshops, the number of individuals enrolled in beekeeping short courses and the current membership … [Read more...]