July 18, 2019

Thanks for the Memories: Stan Brown celebrates 90 years of life, 78 years with bees

Stan Brown -  Maine's Most Experienced Beekeeper

Stan Brown - Maine's Most Experienced Beekeeper

Heartfelt thanks go out from Stan to all the fellow beekeepers who helped him celebrate his 90th birthday (just a tad early) during October’s Cumberland County Beekeepers Association meeting.

For those of you who don’t know, Stan Brown began beekeeping at the young age of 12 years when, as the fates would have it, he caught and began caring for a swarm. Of course, a lot has happened between then and now; 78 years, hundreds of hives, thousands of stings, and millions of honey bees later, his love affair with the honey bee persists. And were it not for those stings, he swears that he wouldn’t be here today, having just celebrated his 90th birthday (October 13). Of great interest to many is his self-administered bee-sting therapy since his 20s for arthritis. And his use of honey to heal from many a wound over the years. And given that he started up the Cumberland County chapter back in 1978 with his wife Helen (who is no longer with us), you can understand why the CCBA found cause for celebration of Stan during October’s meeting. After the group sang “Happy Birthday,” all indulged in Linda Morse’s painstakingly prepared bee skep cake— complete with edible honey bees equipped for flight with almond- sliver wings, and honey-infused ingre- dients throughout.

Linda Morse Made and Incredible Bee-Themed Cake for Stan

Linda Morse Made and Incredible Bee-Themed Cake for Stan

In appreciation of Stan’s unique and long-spanning perspective, The Bee Line will interview him, with his apprentice Karen Thurlow-Kimball, for the February issue.

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