July 18, 2019

SNEBA Conference in East Lyme, Connecticut – November 19, 2011

Dan O’Hanlon

Dan O’Hanlon

The Connecticut Beekeepers Association and Wicwas Press will conduct the 2011 Southern New England Beekeepers Assembly November 19, 2011 at:

Saint Matthias Parish
in EAST LYME, CT 06333.

This new venue is located in a historically rich section of New England. The program will run from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. In addition to industry speakers, there will be a vendor display and a tea-cup auction, where everyone is invited to donate something of value to support the CBA.

Speakers for 2011 include retired judge Dan O’Hanlon of West Virginia, Professor Ernesto Guzman of Ontario, Canada, and Wicwas Press author and lecturer Dr. Lawrence Connor of Michigan. Early bird registration is $39 without lunch or $49 with lunch for registrations received by October 28. After Oct. 28, regular registrations are $49 and $59.

Registration is available at the Wicwas Press website wicwas.com via PayPal. For mail registration contact sneba.com for instructions.

Preliminary topics and a short bio for each speaker:

Dan O’Hanlon
Developing a State Queen Producers Association
The Nation’s first Beekeeper Immunity bill
Writing Grants to support beekeeping

Ernesto Guzman

Ernesto Guzman

Dan O’Hanlon has been a  beekeeper & queen producer in West Virginia for 23 years. He is an officer in his local bee club and is the founder of the West Virginia Queen Producers., an organization dedicated to supporting local queen producers. Dan led the effort to pass the first bill in the nation granting beekeepers immunity from civil liability. Dan was recently selected as the 2011 Beekeeper of the Year by the WV Beekeepers Association.”

Ernesto Guzman
Africanized honey bee breeding
Increasing wintering success
Nosema ceranae has long been established in North America

Guzman Teaches Introductory Beekeeping, and does research on the genetics of defensive behavior of European, African and hybrid honey bees. He is Professor and leader of the Honey Bee Research Centre, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Larry Connor

Larry Connor

Larry Connor
Rebuilding after heavy colony loss
A small-scale, efficient cell and virgin production system
Planting for bees

Connor is a monthly contributor to the American Bee Journal and Bee Culture Magazine. He has written four books, three on beekeeping—the most resent is Queen Rearing Essentials. Editor/publisher of Wicwas Press, Connor teaches beekeeping master and queen rearing classes and is based in Kalamazoo, Michigan



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