February 21, 2019

It’s Time to Order Bees!

Erin MacGregor Forbes "Shaking" Package Bees

Erin MacGregor Forbes “Shaking” Package Bees

Whether you’re just starting out or want to increase the number of your colonies, now is the time to place orders for packages and nucs. Packages will be arriving in mid-April through May, and nucs, which are dependent on weather conditions,are available mid-May through mid-July.

A recent survey conducted among Maine suppliers show costs ranging from $130 to $175 for 3-lb packages. Nucs with five deep frames are priced from $160 to over $200. Deposits may be required for both packages and nucs. 

A comprehensive listing of honey bee suppliers can be found under Beekeeping Resources . Don’t be disappointed – order your bees now!

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