September 23, 2019

Honey-Tasting Contest at 2014 Annual Meeting


Maine raw honey samples entered into the York County Beekeepers Honey Contest

Maine raw honey samples entered into the Honey Contest at the Annual Meeting in 2010

The Maine State Beekeepers Association will be holding a honey-tasting contest at the 2014 Annual Meeting.

A traditional Black Jar is a ‘blind-tasting’ with covered jars, so that the judges (annual meeting attendees) see neither the number nor the color or type of jar,  and dole tastes on the tip of black plastic sip straws. The black cancels any trace of the honey’s color, while the plastic is neutral in imparting tastes.  The MSBA contest is a little less rigid. We don’t use black jars, but labels are obscured to keep everything fair and square.

Bring a jar of your best-tasting honey and see how it stacks up against that of your peers!

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