April 25, 2018

Call for Stories

Call for StoriesThere’s always a story when working with bees. Here’s an invitation to write your story and submit it for a story night. The stories will be read by a panel of judges and the best will be chosen for a telling of your own tale. We’ll gather in late November or early December to share our experiences whether poignant, informative, or just plain funny. So think about your beekeeping as an opportunity for story as this spring time brings our bees back out again. We look forward to hearing from you all!



  1. It must have something to do with bees or beekeeping.
  2. It must be a true story about some- thing that has happened to you or someone you’ve worked with in bee- keeping.
  3. It must be five minutes or less in the telling.



Via email, with subject line “bee story”: beejourney2010@gmail.com


September 15, 2013

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