June 17, 2019

Call for Officer and Director Nominations

Maine State Beekeepers Annual Meeting and Conference 2009

Maine State Beekeepers Annual Meeting and Conference 2009

Each year the MSBA President appoints a Nominating Committee prior to the annual
meeting, as specified in the bylaws. The duty of this committee is to find the best
candidate for each office. The committee will present their nominations, and the
members present at the annual meeting will have the opportunity to present additional
nominations from the floor. Votes taken by ballot at the meeting also allow the
opportunity to write in a name.
The officers of the MSBA consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and
Treasurer. These officers serve one year (the period between annual meetings) and
must be elected at each annual meeting.
Seven At-Large Directors, as members of the board, serve three-year terms. These
three-year terms are staggered so that two or three At-Large Directors are elected each
year. This year there are three positions that need to be filled.
All members of the MSBA are invited to submit names for consideration to any member
of the Nominating Committee. Local Chapter Representatives to the MSBA board are
encouraged to discuss these opportunities for service at their club meetings. Anyone
interested in learning more about these positions can contact one of the committee
members for additional information. We would also encourage anyone interested to
attend a board meeting as a guest to learn more.

Carol Cottrill
Nominating Committee Chair

Jacky Hildreth

Judith Stanton

Jennifer Lund

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