June 17, 2019

Call for Beekeeper of the Year Nominations

Nick Kelley 2010 Beekeeper of the Year (co-winner)

Nick Kelley 2010 Beekeeper of the Year (co-winner)

Each year the Maine State Beekeepers Association recognizes the contributions of two special Maine beekeepers by awarding them Beekeeper of the Year and Junior Beekeeper of the Year. These awards will be presented at the MSBA Annual meeting on October 13, 2012.

We would like to encourage each chapter of the MSBA to nominate someone for each of these awards.

Criteria is based on commitment to beekeeping, involvement in beekeeping education and/or outreach, and participation in the Maine beekeeping community.

Please send your nominations by September 1, 2012 (or as close to then as possible) via email to president@mainebeekeepers.org for consideration.

Thank you for your nominations; we look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting!

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