September 23, 2019

Beekeeper’s Calendar: September

The year is starting to wind down. The queen has drastically reduced her egg laying and
the hive is making its last foraging push before winter. If weather permits sample colonies for varroa
mites one final time mid-September. It is not unusual to have a spike in varroa mite populations
during this month as surrounding hives collapse from varroa infestations and mites migrate into your
hives (called the “mite bomb” effect). Make sure you follow the label instructions if you have honey
supers on the hive. Harvest any extra honey produced during the fall honey flow and remove
empty/partially filled supers mid-September. Extract only ripe (capped) honey. Partially filled supers
should be fed back to the bees above the inner cover. Reduce entrances and feed heavy (2:1) syrup
or frames of honey to hives low on honey stores. Take measures to prevent robbing. Make plans for
attending the MSBA Annual Meeting in October.

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