March 30, 2020

Written Reference Materials

By Authors:
Adey, Margaret
Pest Control Safe For Bees

1986, 214p.

Aebi, Ormond
The Art and Adventure of Beekeeping

1975, 184p.

Aebi, Ormond
Mastering The Art of Beekeeping

1979, 283p.

Allen, John
The Blessed Bees

1878, 169p.

The Fascinating World of Bees

1991, 32p.

Berthold, Robert Jr.
Beeswax Crafting

1993, 125p.

Bill, Lesley
Beekeeping A Practical Guide

1993, 18884p.

Bonney, Richard
Beekeeping A Practical Guide

1993, 18884p.

Botswana, Ministry of Ag.
Beekeeping Handbook

1991, 80p.

Broadman, Joseph
Bee Venom

1962, 220p.

Brother Adam
Beekeeping At Buckfast Abbey

1987, 122p.

Brown, Royden
Beehive Product Bible

1993, 225p.


1984, 192p.

Cole, Joanna
The Magic School Bus Inside A Beehive

1996, 48p

Connor, L. ET. AL. ED.
Asian Agriculture

1993, 704p.

Cook, A.J.
The Beekeepers Guide

1854, 337p

Crane E./Walker P.
Pollination Directory for World Crops,

1984, 183p.

Crane E./Walker P.
Impact of Pest Management on Bees and Poll.

1983, 73p

Crane, Eva
A Book of Honey

1980, 193p

Crane, Eva
World Perspectives in Apiculture

1985, 184p

Crane, Eva
Bee’s Way’s

1948, 240p

The Honey Kitchen

1980, 208p

The Hive and the Honey Bee

1993, 1324p

The Hive and the Honey Bee

1946, 633p

The DADANT’S System of Beekeeping

1933, 117p

DADANT First Lessons in Beekeeping

1924, 127p

Out Apiaries

1932, 126p

Dade, H. A.
Anatomy and Dissection of the Honey Bee

1994, 138p

Delaplane, Keith
Honey Bees and Beekeeping

1993, 138p

Demuth, George
Five Hundred Answers to Bee Questions

1942, 104p

Delvin, James A. Phd
To Your Best Health Naturally

1994, 330p

Doolittle, G. M.
Scientific Queen Rearing

1888, 126p

Dublon, Charles
Practical Queen Rearing

1987, 87p

Echols, Jean C.
Buzzing a Hive Teacher’s Guide

1993, 113p

Field, Oliver
Honey by the Ton

1989, 205p

Life of the Honey Bee

1986, 48p

Furgala, Basil
Beekeeper’s Management Short Course

1994, 68p

Gibbons, Gail
The Honey Makers

1997, 30p

Gould, James and Car
Honey Bee

1988, 240p

Griffin, Brian
The Orchard Mason Bee

1999, 128p

Harwood, Lynne
Honey Bees At Home

1994, 36

Hawkins, Kennith
Beekeeping in the South

1920, 121p

Heinrich, Bernd
The Thermal Warriors

1998, 217p

Hodgson, Natalie
Children Books on Bees (Bibliography)

1973, 55p

Hooper, Ted
Guide to Bees and Honey

1977, 250p

Hooper, Ted
The Beekeeper’s Garden

1988, 152p

Hubbel, Sue
A Country Year Living the Questions

1986, 221p

Hubbel, Sue
A Book of Bees

1988, 152p

Dictionary of Beekeeping Terms

1978, 238p

Forage of Bees in an AG Landscape

1994, 75p

British Bee Books: A Bibliography

1979, 270p

Living with Varroa

1993, 58p

Jackson, Paul
Smoking Allowed

1995, 63p

Jarvis, D. C.
Folk Medicine

1958, 182p

Jaycox, E. Bert
Beekeeping Tips and Topics

1982, 155p

Johnson, Sylvia
A Beekeeper’s Year

1994, 32p

Kalman, Bobbie
Hooray for Beekeeping

1996, 32p

Kelly, Walter
How to Keep Bees and Sell Honey

1983, 44p

Killon, Carl
Honey in the Comb

1951, 144p

Koch, Mary Jo
Dragonfly Beetle Butterfly Bee

1998, 122p

Laidlaw, Harry
Contemporary Queen Rearing

1979, 199p

Lance, Philip
Queendom of the Honey Bees

1938, 105p

Latham, Allen
Allen Latham’s Bee Book

1949, 200p

Longgood, William
The Queen Must Die

1985, 234p

Loring, Murray
Bees and the Law

1881, 128p

Lovell, John
The Flower and the Bee

1918, 266p

Lovell, John
Honey Plants of North America

1926, 408p

Maeterlinck, Maurice
The Life of the Bee

1901, 427p

Mech, Doris
Joy with Honey

1993, 162

Melzer, Werner
Beekeeping a Complete Owner’s Manual

1989, 70p

Michener, Charles
The Bee Genera of North and Central America

1994, 209p

Micucci, Charles
The Life and Times of the Honey Bee

1995, 32p

Miller, Dr. C. C. Fifty Years Among the Bees

1915, 328p

More, Daphne
The Bee Book

1976, 143p

Moritz, Dr. R
Instrumental Insemination of the Queen

1989, 176p

Morse & Nowogrodzi
Honey Bee Pests Predators and Diseases

1993, 474p

Morse, Roger
Making Mead (Honey Wine)

1980, 127p

Morse, Roger
The New Complete Guide to Beekeeping

1994, 207p

Mraz, Charles
Health and the Honey Bee

1995, 112p

Naile, Florence
The Life of Langstroth

1942, 215p

Owsanka, Maria
The Legend of the Hive

1998, 96p

Park, Robert
The Dance of the Honey Bee

1990, 23p

Parkhill, Joe
The Wonderful World of Honey

1993, 127p

Pellett, Frank
History of American Beekeeping

1938, 213p

Pellett, Frank
American Honey Plants

1930, 419p

Pellett, Frank
Practical Queen Rearing

1929, 100p

Pellett, Frank
Productive Beekeeping

1928, 302p

Phillip, Evertt

1926, 302p

Phillip, Evertt

1926, 302p

Philips, Mary
Honey Bees and Fairy Dust

1926, 213p

Platt, Rutherford
Bees and Ants

1968, 79p

Ransome, Hilda
Ransome, Hilda

1937, 308p

Reigot, Betty
Questions and Answers About Bees

1995, 48p

Root, A. I.
The ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture

1975, 712p

Root, A. I.
The ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture

1990, 516p

Root, A. I.
Swarming Biology, Prevention Control

1997, 62p

Root, A. I.
Quimby New Beekeeping

1883, 264p

Ross, Edward
Honey Bee Study Prints

????, 12 prints

Sammataro, Diana
The Beekeeper’s Handbook

1986, 148p

Schramm, Ken
The Complete Meadmaker

2003, 212p

Search Press
Beeswax Crafts

1995, 80p

Sechrist, E. L.
Honey Getting

1944, 128p

Seeley, Thomas
The Wisdom of the Hive

1925, 240p

Sharp, Dallas
The Spirit of the Hive

1925, 240p

Smith, Jay
Bee Venom: Exploring the Healing Power

1994, 77p

Simics, Mihaly
Better Queens

1949, 100p

Snelgrove, L. E
Swarming: TS Control and Prevention

1942, 98p

Snelgrove, L. E.
The Introduction of Queen Bees

1940, 205p

Spivak, M.
Successful Queen rearing

1997, 79p

Stein, Irene
Royal Jelly

1989, 128p

Stratton – Porter, G.
The Keeper of the Bees

1925, 515p

Style, Sue
From Hive to Honey pot

1993, 120p

Taber, Steve
Breeding Super Bees

1987, 174p

Taylor, Richard
The New Comb Honey Book

1981, 112p

Taylor, Richard
The How-To-Do-It Book of Beekeeping

1994, 310p

Taylor, Richard
The Joy’s of Beekeeping

1974, 166p

Taylor, Richard
The Best of Bee Talk

1988, 147p

Taylor, Richard
The Comb Honey Book

1996, 124p

Taylor, Richard
How to Raise Beautiful Comb Honey

1977, 75p

Teale, Edwin
The Golden Throng

1940, 208p

Thacker, Emily
The Honey Book

1995, 68p

Tomkins & Griffith
Practical Beekeeping

1977, 218p

Torchio, Philip
Biology and External Morphology

1969, 140p

Inspect Pollination of Cultured Crop Plants

1976, 411p

Vivian, John
Keeping Bees

1985, 238p

Von Frisk, Karl
Bees: Their Vision, Chemical Senses, Language

1958, 118p

Von Frisk, Karl
The Dancing Bees

1955, 183p

Wagner, Pat
How Well Are You Willing To Bee

1994, 70p

Waine, Alan
Background to Beekeeping

1987, 118p

Walji, Hasnain
Bee Health

1996, 78p

Webb, Addison
Beekeeping for Profit and Pleasure

1943, 116p

Wedmore, E.
A Manual of Beekeeping

1947, 389p

White, Elaine Super Formulas: Arts and Crafts

1993, 114p

Whynott, Douglas
Following the Bloom

1991, 201p

Winston, Mark
From Where I Sit

1998, 171p

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