Calendar of Events

Next Meeting

January 12th, 2012 from 7-9 pm at Maranacook High School in the Media Center.
Address: 2250 Millard Harrison Drive Readfield, ME 04355-3572

Guest Speaker: Mark Plaisted – Speaking on rendering bees wax from the hive and making products from the wax, especially candles.

We will also be recieving our handouts for the upcoming labs. See Future Meetings below.

Future Meeting

February 9th, 2012 from 7-9pm at Maranacook High Schhol in the Media Center.
Address: 2250 Millard Harrison Drive Readfield, ME 04355-3572

Guest Speaker: Tony Jadczak; Maine State Apiarist – Discussion on dissection of honey bee to reveal the trachea and the use of the dissecting microscope, 25-40x. This will lead into the the next meeting which we will look at samples of bees under a microscope and search for Tracheal mites.

March 8th, 2012 from 7-9pm at Maranacook High School in the Media Center.
Address: 2250 Millard Harrison Drive Readfield, ME 04355-3572

Topic: We will continue our topic from last meeting with Tony Jadczak and take our meeting to the microscopes and look at our samples from the last meeting. We should be able to look into them and find examples of the Tracheal mites. We will also go through a procedure to test for nosema ceranae. We should be able to see those under the microscope at 400x power.

2011 Open Hive Days

The Kennebec Beekeepers Association had one great open hive demonstration last summer. It was held at our very own Beekeeper of the year for 2011, Kevin Fabian’s apiary. We had a chance to inspect one of his hives. Then we looked through one of his mating nucs to find a queen and mark her. We also had a chance to demonstrate how do a sugar shake test for varroa mites. Kevin then showed us his queen rearing setup. What a treat! Thanks Kevin

2010 Summer Open Hives

The Kennebec Beekeepers Association had three open hive demonstrations last summer. The first was held on June 19th at the home of Roy Cronkhite, Sr. Weather conditions were excellent and the bees were very cooperative. Attendees got to see how a queen is marked and clipped.

Roy Cronkhite, Jr hosted the second open hive on July 17th. One attendee drove over an hour to get there and another drove two hours. They were not disappointed for once again the weather was perfect for bees and they were very gentle to work with. Roy put each box from a hive onto a short table so that people had a clear look as he went through the frames. Frames were passed around so that everyone could see young larvae and eggs.

The third open hive was on August 21 at the home of Francis and Ginger Scott of Readfield, near Kent’s Hill Academy.   As with the previous two open hive days, the group enjoyed a beautiful afternoon working with and learning about these wonderful little creatures.  Roy did the honors of guiding the group through inspecting 5 of the Scott’s hives.  They did three inspections in the morning, had a picnic lunch (they were joined by a few bees…), and then finished the other two hives after the meal.  They looked at the general progress and health of the hives and observed Roy marking a queen.

Leroy holds a drone for some onlookers.

If you live, work, or play in the Kennebec Valley area and would like to be part of this group of beekeepers, please feel free to attend a monthly meeting or contact an officer for more information about the Kennebec Beekeeper’s Association.  All ages and experience levels are welcome!!

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