June 29, 2017

Reactions to Honey Bee Stings

There seems to be allot of discussion as what a normal reaction is to a honey bee sting, And what is an allergic reaction to a honey bee sting. These are the signs that point out the differences between the two.

Symptoms Anaphylaxis Heat
Unusual skin color * * *
Variable pulse rate & strength * * *
Unconsciousness * * *
Fever * *
Confusion * *
Dizziness *
Nausea/Vomiting *
Cramps *
Weakness *
Hives/Itching *
Wheezing °
Labored breathing *
Coughing/Sneezing °
Swelling of face or throat *
Diarrhea °
Chills °
Intense anxiety *
Low blood pressure or shock *
Headache *
Skin may feel cold or hot *
Perspiration heavy or absent *
Hot dry skin *
Convulsions *

First Aid

Removing bee stings - speed matters, method doesn't

Removing bee stings – speed matters, method doesn’t


1. Administer epinephrine (available by prescription).
2. Administer Benadryl if symptoms are still mild and
doing so doesn’t interfere with item 3.
3. Transport to hospital.
4. Perform CPR and treat for shock if necessary.


1. Lie down in cool place with feet slightly raised.
2. Slowly drink water – lightly salted if possible.


1. Cool patient as quickly as possible.
2. Transport to hospital.
3. Adjust cooling efforts to victim’s temperature.

Removing bee stings – speed matters, method doesn’t

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