August 21, 2019

Medication for Honeybees

The Maine State Beekeepers Association does not endorse the use of these products.

Api Life Var

Api Life Var

We provide this information as a courtesy. It is good to know that these medications are all approved to use in the State of Maine.  We specifically don’t list Apistan and Checkmite.  Although these two have been approved for use in Maine, Varroa Mites have shown a resistance to these products in this area.

For the purpose of treating Nosema:

Fumagillin (manufacturers information sheet)

Synonyms: Amebacillin; fugilin, fumadil B; fumagillin; fumidil, H-3

For the purpose of treating Varroa Mites and Tracheal Mites:

Apiguard (manufacturers information sheet)

Apilife Var (manufacturers information sheet)

Mite Away II (manufacturers information sheet)

For the treatment of American Foulbrood or European Foulbrood:


For the treatment of American Foulbrood only:


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