Honey Dinner January 25, 2015

The Good Table Restaurant, in Cape Elizabeth, along with members of the Cumberland County Beekeepers Association would like to invite you to a Honey Dinner. This will be a 5 course menu celebrating Maine honey with each course highlighting a locally produced honey. Each course will be paired with either wine, beer or mead.

The Honey Dinner will be held Sunday January 25th, with snow date on Monday 26th. (Please call for possible cancellation.) Please arrive at 4:00 for a tasting of the featured honeys we have used in preparing each course. Dinner will begin at 4:30ish.

For reservations call The Good Table Restaurant, after December 1st, 799-4663, and ask to make a reservation for the Honey Dinner. We will call you after your reservation is made to receive payment via credit card. When making reservations please let us know of any vegetarians in your group.

The estimated price will be $65.00 including tax and tip. We can not calculate the costs until products are sourced out, but we promise it won’t go any higher.

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Bus to Bangor 2014

The CCBA is looking to charter a bus to Bangor for the Maine State Beekeeper Association’s Annual Conference, October 18th, 2014. The cost is $20 per person, not limited to CCBA members.

To register, please

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6:00 AM: Maine Mall Park and Ride (turnpike Exit 45)

6:15 AM: Yarmouth Park and Ride, 295 Exit 15 (note this is the new lot, not the one near Delorme)

7:00 AM Gardiner Park and Ride, Exit 52, Rt. 126

Departure from Hampden Academy at 4:00 PM


$20.00 per person, limit 50.

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Club meetings resume Tuesday, September 2

Our first club meeting of the “fall” is Tuesday, September 2, at the Mabel I. Wilson School 353 Tuttle Road, Cumberland.

The program will consist of a panel of experts, including Karen Thurlow-Kimball and Master Beekeepers Phil Gaven, Jacky Hildreth, Chris Rogers and Mark Cooper. Come prepared with questions and any “show and ask” items that help explain your issue. This is a great opportunity to ask those vexing questions.

We will also have Api-Life Var available for sale.

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