September 23, 2019

Book Review: The Beekeeper’s Lament by Hannah Nordhaus

Nordhaus introduces us to John Miller, a third-generation commercial beekeeper based in North Dakota who makes his living hauling his hives all over the western United States. He also happens to be a funny, meticulous and conscientious beekeeper who works his trade out of a love and fascination for bees. He certainly doesn’t do it for the money. Hannah Nordhaus, a journalist with no beekeeping … [Read more...]

Guidance: How to Deal with Bears and Bees

from information provided by Judy Camuso, Wildlife Biologist, MDIFW Bears are often hungry in the spring (there is less food available and the females are feeding their young), and spring is when we typically get the most “nuisance” bear complaints. Our primary recommendation to people is pretty basic: remove the food source, so… take down bird feeders, feed pets indoors, keep all trash … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Armstrong, 67

Jeff Armstrong, Cumberland County Beekeepers Association member and Cape Elizabeth beekeeper, passed away June 5, 2012 after a four-year struggle with cancer. Jeff was a true outdoorsman and lover of all things natural. He will be missed. More complete online obituaries can be found at: and … [Read more...]

Care and Feeding of a Beekeeping Mentor

A mentor is a person who can show you their hives, look in your hives, and/or answer questions via email and phone. If you’ve only ever read books, listened to presentations, viewed slides, mucked about on your own, or watched — God forbid — YouTube, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can learn after getting a mentor. The key ingredient needed for learning about bees? Work with bees. That makes … [Read more...]

The Snowbird Beekeeper: Reflections from Florida for 2012

Report from Belgrade, Florida, back in April:  Well, three monthly meetings of the Ridge Chapter of the Florida State Beekeepers Association (FSBA) were all attended with great interest. First was the Holiday potluck meeting where I met everyone with a gift exchange and lots of conversation. These Florida beekeepers are just like Maine beekeepers — friendly, sociable and full of ideas and … [Read more...]

“BEES” an Online Resource for Beekeepers of all Levels

by Tish Dutson During the winter and spring months, Maine has offered a number of beekeep- ing classes at various locations, but if you did not happen to live within a com- mutable distance of those classes, you had no other option...until now. At long last, rural Maine beekeepers have a resource for furthering their knowledge of beekeeping through online beekeeping courses for both … [Read more...]

Pollination – A Primer from the Maine State Bee Inspector

Spring has sprung in many parts of the US, and thousands of hives have been rolling across interstate highways during winter months to service a variety of crops in southern and western areas. Springtime in Maine is only weeks away and soon gardeners, farmers and beekeepers will be thinking about planting, blooms, bee management, pollination and the weather. With all of the recent media … [Read more...]

Kenya Top-Bar Hives: We should not be setting “new-bees” up for certain failure

8 Dec 2011/Jan 2012 Thank you, thank you, thank you Anne Frey for your very informative article with your opinion on the Kenya top bar hive (The Bee Line, vol. 29, #5). It is something I have wanted to write about for some time, and I eagerly waited for your article — well done! Now I can share my views along with yours and other documented facts. I too have communicated with Tony Jadczak … [Read more...]

Time to Consider the Big Honey Show at EAS 2012 in Vermont

How do your honey, candles, mead, photos and baked goodies stack up? Bring your entries with you to EAS in Burlington and show them off! In past EAS conferences, sometimes the Honey Show has been skipped or pared down, but this year, Mike Palmer is going all-out. He is gathering sponsors and judges and is determined to have every category possible filled with as many entries as possible. Let’s … [Read more...]

The Honey Exchange Grand Opening

by Jim Frederick, The Honey Exchange held its grand opening on September 10th, when owners and beekeepers Phil and Meghan Gaven welcomed dozens of people into their shop on Stevens Avenue in Portland. The store, located in a bright yellow 1800s house in the historic Deering Center neighborhood, offers a unique blend of beekeeping supplies, honey and … [Read more...]