August 23, 2014

Nominations Committee working on a slate for 2010

Maine State Beekeepers Associations Annual Meeting 2009

Interested in serving you state organization? the requirements are twofold: 1) to be enthusiastic about bees in maine, and 2) be willing to contribute to running the board in a forward direction. the meetings are in augusta about 8 times per year procedurally, the nominating committee will most likely form in February (30+ days before the meeting in March) i believe there will be … [Read more...]

Jennifer Nadeau – 2009

Jennifer Nadeau – Maine’s 2009 Beekeeper of the Year

  Jennifer Nadeau – Maine’s 2009 Beekeeper of the Year Awarded at the Maine State Beekeepers Association’s Annual Meeting 2009   … [Read more...]

Anna – 2007 Junior Beekeeper of the Year


Anna was selected for the 2007 Jr. Beekeeper of the Year Award by the Maine State Beekeepers Association. She went to Bee School and learned a great deal about Honey Bees. Her study included topics related to pests, disease, and hive management practices. Anna tells us that she is honored to be the Jr. Beekeeper of the year. Congratulations Anna! … [Read more...]