March 24, 2019

The Beekeeper’s Calendar: March

Most queens will be laying eggs by the end of March. There will be very little natural forage available so monitoring food reserves is critical. It is not uncommon for a hive to make it through the hardest part of winter only to starve in March. If honey reserves are low, feed candy or dry sugar. Colonies that consume feed should be monitored carefully and fed as needed. Feed pollen … [Read more...]

It’s Time to Order Bees!

Whether you’re just starting out or want to increase the number of your colonies, now is the time to place orders for packages and nucs. Packages will be arriving in mid-April through May, and nucs, which are dependent on weather conditions,are available mid-May through mid-July. A recent survey conducted among Maine suppliers show costs ranging from $130 to $175 for 3-lb packages. Nucs … [Read more...]

MSBA at the 2019 Maine Ag Show

For the 44th consecutive year, MSBA was represented at the 2019 Maine Agricultural Trades Show at the Augusta Civic Center on January 15th - 17th, 2019. Organizer Lynn Lamb of Western Maine Beekeepers Association recruited members from around the state to volunteer for a shift. Sponsored by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, the three-day show is held every year in … [Read more...]

Beekeeper’s Calendar: February

Bees will spend most of the month in a tight cluster. When the weather is above 40°F they will move to new areas of the hive and take cleansing flights. Late in the month, some queens may start to lay eggs. As a result, food will be consumed faster. Check wintering colonies for honey reserves by hefting the hive to feel the “honey weight”.  On warm sunny days (above 40F without wind) you can … [Read more...]

The Beekeeper’s Calendar: January

The bees will spend most of the month in a tight cluster. When the weather is above 40F the bees will move to new areas of the hive and take cleansing flights. Gauge food levels in wintering colonies by lifting one corner of the hive and feeling the “honey weight”. If it is warm (above 40F without wind) you can quickly peek through the hole in the inner cover to see where the bees are in the hive … [Read more...]

Sign up now for beginner and advanced beekeeping classes!

Beekeeping is a big commitment and requires a solid foundation of knowledge plus continued learning. Courses are essential for beginners and a great opportunity for intermediate-level beekeepers to update their management skills. Reserve now; spaces fill up quickly. A comprehensive list of statewide classes is available on our Bee Schools page … [Read more...]

Beekeepers Calendar: December

Sit back, enjoy a big mug of tea with honey, and start reading your favorite bee periodicals. … [Read more...]

MSBA Annual Meeting

Sagadahoc County Beekeepers Association hosted the MSBA’s Annual Meeting on October 13th at the SKY HI Conference Center in Topsham. Close to 200 beekeepers from across the state attended the daylong event. The keynote speaker was Dr John Skinner, a professor and Extension Bee Specialist in the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at the University of Tennessee. In his presentation … [Read more...]

Beekeepers Calendar: November

Provide upper ventilation. Remove mite treatments prior to wintering or wrapping the colony. Wrap colonies with tar paper or commercial wrap and provide with an insulating board or moisture absorbing material by Thanksgiving. … [Read more...]

Order bee supplies now for delivery at annual meeting

The following vendors are offering free delivery to the MSBA Annual Meeting on October 13th. Space is limited in their trucks so call or place your order online ASAP! Betterbee – deadline 5 pm on Monday, October 8th. Order by phone or online. Must pecify pick-up at MSBA meeting and include your mobile # in website comment section. Brushy Mountain –Due to unforeseen circumstances Brushy … [Read more...]