April 18, 2014

Beekeeping Speakers

The following people have volunteered to speak to beekeepers and other groups on various topics related to honeybees and bee management.

Though most are affiliated with The Maine State Beekeepers Association they are not endorsed by the organization and you will need to make arrangements directly with them.

Rick Cooper, BEES-’N-ME
Master Beekeeper, Past MSBA President, Beekeeping
(207) 666-5643

Carol Cottrill
Master Beekeeper, Board Member, MSBA Eastern Apiculture Society Director, Beekeeping
(207) 364-0917

Roy Cronkhite
Past MSBA President, Former Board Member, Former Editor of Newsletter, Beekeeping
(207) 897-4043

Bob Egan
Abenaki Farm Apiaries, Former State Bee Inspector, Beekeeping, Nucs
(207) 474-2945

Erin MacGregor-Forbes, Master Beekeeper
MSBA President, Beekeeping
(207) 772-3380

Tony Jadczak
Maine Apiarist/State Bee Inspector
(207) 287-7562

Nick Kelley
MSBA Board Member, Beekeeping
(207) 364-4121

Marc Plaisted
Past MSBA President, Candle Making
(207) 582-8353

Matt Scott
Founding Member of MSBA, Former EAS Director, Past MSBA President, Beekeeping
(207) 495-3409

Lincoln Sennett, Swan’s Honey
Past MSBA Board Member and National Honey Board Representative Beekeeping, commercial pollination, packing, nucs
(207) 437-2251

Skip Strong
Past MSBA President, MSBA Membership Director, Beekeeping
(207) 685-4780

Karen Thurlow-Kimball
Yarmouth, ME
Travel distance 60 – 70 miles from Portland; willing to travel further if overnight accommodations are available.
Fee $50 to $200 depending on presentation length and travel


  • Queens and Requeening, Small scale queen rearing, Colony seasonal management
  • Preparing for winter, What to do in the spring, Year round management to increase winter survival
  • Gardening for bees – Plants for nectar and pollen,
  • More than honey – products from the hive, lotion and salve making, pollen and propolis collection
  • Disease and pest management, Using a microscope to check for nosema and treatment options (both apis and ceranae)
  • Varroa Mite treatments and control options, ex; Drone brood traps for Varroa mites
  • Splitting hives for increasing, which technique is right for you?
  • Swarm Control, Beekeeping Equipment, Honey production / Comb Honey
  • The sustainable apiary

Fred Wardwell
Past MSBA President and Former Board Member, Making Mead (Honey Wine)
(207) 342-5570


This list last updated: January 2010

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