August 21, 2019

Eastern Apicultural Society 2010 Conference

This is an article that I think I might have to struggle with.  When I attend an EAS meeting, much of my time is devoted  to teaching in the short course. Then I try to catch up on how  all my friends are doing. The EAS meetings for me are as much  a social event as one of learning. Did I learn things at EAS this  last August? Yep, I believe I did. I learned that the diseases and pests are … [Read more...]

The Backyard Beekeeper in Winter 2009-2010

by Rick Cooper, Master Beekeeper Many of us look at the winter months as a time to take off from beekeeping. The rest look at the winter as a time to complete all the things we did not do during those busy summer months. How many of you sharpened your hive tool or cleaned out that smelly old smoker? The even more important question: How many of you have an item that should be repaired … [Read more...]