August 22, 2019

Of Bears and Bees

Maine is bear country. Our state has the largest black bear population (23,000 estimated) in the United States (Matula, 1997), east of the Mississippi River. Bear habitat is forest land and Maine’s 32,000-square-mile area is 95% forested with a mixed growth of evergreens and hardwoods. About 80% of the State’s forested land is privately owned timberland, and open areas of farmland are … [Read more...]

The Snowbird Beekeeper: Reflections from Florida for 2012

Report from Belgrade, Florida, back in April:  Well, three monthly meetings of the Ridge Chapter of the Florida State Beekeepers Association (FSBA) were all attended with great interest. First was the Holiday potluck meeting where I met everyone with a gift exchange and lots of conversation. These Florida beekeepers are just like Maine beekeepers — friendly, sociable and full of ideas and … [Read more...]

Kenya Top-Bar Hives: We should not be setting “new-bees” up for certain failure

8 Dec 2011/Jan 2012 Thank you, thank you, thank you Anne Frey for your very informative article with your opinion on the Kenya top bar hive (The Bee Line, vol. 29, #5). It is something I have wanted to write about for some time, and I eagerly waited for your article — well done! Now I can share my views along with yours and other documented facts. I too have communicated with Tony Jadczak … [Read more...]

The Snowbird Beekeeper: Reflections from Florida for 2011

by Matt Scott Greetings from Florida! Following is what I have been observing or have seen the past few months: Spring has really sprung down here—the red maple bloom is all over and now the oaks are in full bloom, producing pollen like mad. By the time you read this it will be spring and I will be back in Maine by April 15th to check on my bees and all my winter losses, like others I have … [Read more...]