August 22, 2019

Varroa Destructor, the Pest

The Varroa Destructor seems to have come to Maine in 1987, the year after the Tracheal Mite. Both created devastation in the beekeeping world and caught beekeepers off-guard. At that time it was referred to as the Fall Dwindle. It took a closer look to see that the die-outs were coming from a pesky little parasitic mite. The Varroa is now known to suck the blood-like body fluids, hymolymph, from … [Read more...]

Are you Ready? (Normal vs. Allergic Reactions to Insect Stings)

As beekeepers, we are sometimes expected to help out with unforeseen events. We help the neighbors with nuisance wasps, hornets and yellow-jackets. We are asked to help fellow beekeepers, catch swarms and maybe even cut out a colony from a building. But we also have to be ready for the unexpected. This summer, as a full-time teacher, I had a couple months off to regroup, think about the next year … [Read more...]

Kids Corner – Puzzles and Games

Word puzzles for fun and learning. Try a Maze. Don't get lost Home Sweet Home Maze (PDF) Do The Waggle (PDF) Where's The Swarm? (PDF) Word Jumbles are Fun Too What's in the Hive? (PDF) Products of the Hive (PDF)) Word Mix-Up What's In The Hive (PDF) Hive Products (PDF) Honeybee Problems (PDF) Crossword Puzzle … [Read more...]

Pollination – Foraging is the Most Important Task in the Life of the Honey Bee

Foraging is the most important task in the lifetime of the honey bee. As the bee matures, it's duties and responsibilities to the hive change. The foraging is done by the mature bees of more then 3 weeks old. The bees foraging activities such as water gatherers, collecting resin for propolis, nectar and pollen are essential for the survival of the hive. Of these, pollination perhaps arguably, … [Read more...]