September 23, 2019

A Comparison of Strength and Survivability of Honey Bee Colonies with Conventional Versus Northern-Requeened Packages: Our New SARE-Funded Project

Those of you who have been members of the Maine State Beekeepers Association for a few years probably remember the grant project I conducted with Larry Peiffer comparing Northern-raised nucs, commercially raised packages, and commercially raised packages that we re-queened with northern queens. For those of you who haven’t heard of the project, we compared 54 colonies over the 2009 & 2010 … [Read more...]

Open-Feeding “Pollen Substitute”

Many years, we have a warm spell after the first frost and the bees can fly, but find nothing in the “field.” In the absence of nectar and pollen, our bees start foraging for alternative sources of carbs and protein. Bees pick up sand, sawdust, birdseed, or maybe even soda in some cans in a recycling bin on a neighbor’s back porch, etc., to bring home to the hive. Pretty soon the neighbor’s back … [Read more...]

SARE Grant Colony Update, 2/1/2011

SARE Project Title: A Comparison of Honeybee Colony Strength and Survivability Between Nucleus- and Package-Started Colonies The SARE project hives, like the rest of our bees here in Maine, are in their winter cluster working their way through their stores, hopefully to emerge in spring healthy and strong. My last inspection of the Westbrook colonies was a simple check from the outside, … [Read more...]

2011 North American Beekeeping conference and Trade Show

The North American Beekeeping Conference was held in Galveston,Texas, this January 4 – 8th.The conference is generally held the first week of January and the location is always in the South.This conference incorporates a number of beekeeping organizations and is coordinated by the American Beekeeping Federation. This year several other groups were meeting at the conference including the Apiary … [Read more...]

Please Support LD 1184 – An Act to Limit Liability of Apiary Owners and Operators

In regard to the article on LD 1184 the membership should know that as of May 3, 2011 the bill will not be moving forward. Please do not sent letters to your reps and senators at this time. Suzanne Brewer Secretary, MSBA The Maine State Beekeepers Association has been working on replicating the West Virginia Beekeeper Indemnity Law in our State. In essence this legislation will limit … [Read more...]

Annual Meeting, October 15, 2011 – save the date

Fall 2011 Annual Meeting Saturday October 15, 2011 The 2011 Annual Meeting and Conference of the Maine Beekeepers Association will be hosted by the Sagadahoc County Beekeepers. Ramada Conference Center Lewiston/Auburn 490 Pleasant Street Lewiston, ME 04240 US Confirmed Speakers: Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp Department of Agriculture and Vermont Beekeeper Michael Palmer. Save the … [Read more...]

The Serious Beekeeper: Time to Begin Master Beekeeper Preparations

The Eastern Apicultural Society annual meetings will be held in New England in both 2011 and 2012. Any Maine beekeeper who is serious about expanding their beekeeping knowledge and skill set should plan to attend one or both of these meetings. The 2011 EAS will be held the last week of July in Rhode Island and the 2012 EAS will be held the second week of August in Vermont. Both of these meetings … [Read more...]

Annual Meeting October 16, 2010

The October annual meeting is around the corner and the York County chapter is organizing an amazing day of beekeeping education. We are very honored to have such world-class beekeepers as our speakers. Medhat Nasr has just returned from speaking in Australia (where varroa are not yet present, but the beekeepers? are preparing fortheir eventual arrival). After our meeting, he will be … [Read more...]

Alternative Beekeeping: Learning beekeeping in person, through clubs and classes and through a strong mentoring network

“Alternative Beekeeping” is increasingly of interest, particularly among new beekeepers. Many are coming to the craft, heeding a call for new caretakers for the bees, understanding that there are forces at work that are causing our honey bee colony numbers to diminish— rapidly. Many of these new beekeepers are understandably looking for a different way to keep their bees—and many are learning … [Read more...]

SARE Grant Colony Update 11/25/09–Biddeford Yard

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have the next day off from work as well, so I’ll have a long weekend—a good thing, as I usually use Thanksgiving weekend to finish wrap- ping my colonies and stack nucs into their winter positions above full-sized colonies. Davida Sky, former MSBA Board member and experienced beekeeper, came and did the final outside inspection for my Biddeford colonies in … [Read more...]